Abi & Tom. Styal lodge.

When you arrive to a wedding and you are met with an award winning singer and an award winning photographer you know it’s going to be a cracker. This was very much the case at Styal lodge. Abi & Toms wedding was a fantastic family orientated wedding. I arrived to perform as the wedding dj in good time as I always do. As I arrived the whole room were on there feet dancing on chairs and tossing there napkins high into the air thanks to Howard Wing. The mood was set for an epic evening of music and fun. As I set my equipment I was very much surprised to hear the legend that is Jonny Draper making his singing debut with Howard as they sang briefly together (The Jungle Book, who knew? ) Jonny Draper was the man behind the camera and always captures truly stunning images and is one of the nicest people you could meet and work with. The night quickly erupted into an awesome party with non stop dancing and banter. I announced a false ending at midnight letting the guests know that the wedding was over BUT the bride Abi, was now celebrating her 30th birthday. Myself and Abis mum had planned a little surprise a few weeks before and put it into place. All the guests were gathered at midnight and together we all sang happy birthday while the room filled with balloons, confetti, and confetti cannons. It really was a special moment for Abi and her family and we danced on for another hour. Pre planning is what’s involved here and it’s very important to meet with your wedding dj prior to your big day.