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Rick Rolled.

One of the highlights of my professional career this one. Meeting with the bride & groom and discussing the evening set up and timings the groom asks ‘Are you ok working alongside a band Andy’. Yes of course. It’s always great to have live music at a wedding especially if you pick the right band. So imagine my surprise when I arrived to find that the band were actually Kajagoogoo.Wow! But then as the night progressed I had the pleasure of announcing Rick Astley to the stage & Kim Wilde. A real pleasure for me as I’m a massive fan of them both. Rick & Kim sang covers and some of there many hits for nearly 2 hours and it was an absolute awesome and surreal evening. I continued the party after they had finished and the buzz in the room was just brilliant. There are some really awesome wedding bands out there and you really are spoilt for choice. Many couples now are also having live music during the day. I recently had the pleasure of working with Jennie Sawdon who amazed the wedding guests, such an amazing voice and a wonderful pianist. I’ve also had the pleasure of King & Jones. These guys are brilliant and will sing there take on modern and classic tunes in the background as you and your guests enjoy the wedding breakfast.Other amazing bands i've worked with include. The Coolers. The UK's coolest and most in demand covers band.Rough Hill,fronted by Jennie Sawdon rough hill have some of most talented session muscians in the country.Awesome.A few good men.These guys truly rock and are very much in demand across the wedding scene. Wedding music is very important and shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s your wedding so let’s sit down and have a real good chat about what’s important. Music from your childhood, school days, university days. The songs from the stag & hen parties, there really is many many years of great music to choose from.

Meeting my hero at a wedding was an unexpected thrill that added an unforgettable chapter to the celebration. As the music swirled and laughter echoed, there they were—a larger-than-life figure whose achievements had inspired me for years. The serendipity of encountering my hero in the midst of a joyous occasion heightened the magic of the moment. A shared smile and a few exchanged words became the highlight of the night, turning a routine wedding into a personal milestone. The wedding became a unique backdrop for a chance encounter that transcended the ordinary, forever linking the joy of the celebration with the awe of meeting someone I had long admired.

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