The Proposal.

The Proposal, Finding the perfect engagement & wedding ring. So this is where it all starts. Before you have even hand picked a dress or venue. The proposal. Andy Murphy wedding DJ has teamed up with the UK’s leading fine jewellery suppliers Beaverbrooks. To give you the definitive guide to finding the perfect engagement & wedding ring. Beaverbrooks have been a family run business since 1919, and their passion for fine jewellery has been nothing short of a love affair. Here are their top tips to guide you along. Finding the perfect engagement and wedding ring is one of the most exciting things you’ll come across in your journey with your partner. With diamond expertise in every store, Beaverbrooks are committed to helping customers find the perfect diamond for their loved one. Here are a few top tops to give you the confidence when you’re selecting a ring that will last a lifetime. 1 – Listen to your partner as all the hints she may have been giving you are so valuable. It’s a starting point to inspire you to find the perfect engagement ring which she will love. If she hasn’t dropped any hints it may be best to ask her closest friend to tag along and although she denies it occasionally, mothers do know best. 2 – Size. We suggest that you take a ring out of her jewellery box and our team will measure her ring size accordingly in store. Alternatively, you can download our ring size guide online: Beaverbrooks Size Guide 3 – Having a little knowledge about the characteristics of a diamond helps you understand the true quality of a diamond. Referred to as the 4 C’s, Colour – Diamonds range in colour from D to Z and at Beaverbrooks we only hand select exceptional ‘rare white’ diamonds of F and G for our platinum and 18ct gold ranges. Clarity – All diamonds have inclusions, it what makes them unique like a fingerprint. We use diamonds graded Si1 or above on all our platinum and 18 carat gold rings so any natural markings will never be seen by the naked eye. At Beaverbrooks, we hand select all of our loose diamonds to satisfy us before we certify its quality and grading in our own Diamond certificate. Cut – An exceptionally cut diamond demonstrates a diamonds true fire, brilliance and scintillation. A well cut diamond will ensure that the majority of light that enters the stone will be reflected back through the crown, making it sparkle. Carat – Often confused with the size of a diamond, a carat is the actually weight of the diamond. To put it simply the more a diamond weighs, the rarer the diamond is. Confidence. There's an important but harder to measure fifth C when it comes to diamonds. Confidence. You must be able to trust in the expertise and integrity of the person you're buying it from. 5 – Looking for your wedding rings is less daunting, you’ll have your partner beside you to find rings that represent your eternal love for one another. 6 - Metal is based on preference but consider your everyday tasks. Palladium, platinum and titanium are more durable metals. Finally we always encourage you to try on wedding bands when you’re shopping for engagement rings. It's important to ensure they complement each other and it also helps customers to see how the two rings might look side by side after their wedding day. To browse our full range our diamonds take a look at our website: Beaverbrooks Diamonds or find your nearest store Beaverbrooks Stores and one of our experts will help you make those all important decisions