The First Dance.

The first dance. Well what can I say. Its a special moment which shouldn't be overlooked. Your wedding day is all about YOU. Pick a song that YOU want and a song that means something to you. My last few weddings have thrown caution to the wind and had a first dance that was pretty special and that goes for the music too. Together in electric dreams from Georgio moroder, Valerie from Amy Winehouse , Mr Brightside from The Killers, Duke Dumont I got U , and believe it or not, there is a light that never goes out from The Smiths ( Google the lyrics, wow ) The first dance is for YOU and its a very special moment for any wedding. Have it your way is always the best policy. Fast or slow, rehearsed dance or not, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable moment. Im always happy to advise and guide if I can.