Music Matters.

Let's have a talk about music. It's an essential part of life and can trigger so many emotions and memories. Music can play a major part in your day and just by hearing a particular song can raise a smile or tear from friends and family. Music certainly should never be overlooked when it comes to the planning of your entertainment. The amount of times I hear clients saying 'We are looking for something g more than just Uncle Bob playing Cha Cha slide on repeat' . . . What does that even mean ? I pride myself on my music knowledge but this week I've been educated massively. My clients this week have ranged from their early 20's to late 40's. The music those couples chose has been music that's played a major part in their life. My first wedding of the week was all about rock and pretty heavy metal. I was a little hesitant about some of the songs on the suggested list but as always my clients know best. I could see many many guests faces light up and react with other guests when I played Metallica and Pearl Jam. You could just see the smiles and nods of the head which obviously meant so much to them, the music took them back to that club or house party or just a moment in time that they could all relate to. High 5s and fist bumps shortly followed.

Above Picture Courtesy Of Jonny Draper Photography


My next wedding took me on a completely different journey. I don't think I've ever played so many Backstreet Boys songs in my entire career ( What a band though ) This particular bride and groom were very nervous about doing their first dance. It's pretty normal for couples to experience this but it's a moment they should embrace. The scene was set and we went for it. Chris Brown Forever was the choice and the couple nailed it. The perfect routine played out to a massive guest list of family and friends and from that moment the atmosphere was simply electric. We partied hard to Backstreet Boys, Westlife and so many more boybands, every song getting the perfect reaction. Guests hugging and banging Hi 5s like they were back at the school disco again. THIS is what makes me buzz. I played a full on set for 6 hours and I can honestly say I really do wish I was a guest.

I then played at 2 other weddings with a very similar soundtrack. Music was of massive importance to these couples who really did hand pick some outrageous songs . ( That's a good outrageous by the way ) 90's R&B took guests back to their time at school, college and University, stirring memories of the best time of your life. I've often been driving in my car and a song comes on the radio which reminds me of a time at school. A smirk will come upon my face and I will even LOL! I just love that. Its these memories that stay with us and are resurrected by a piece of music. How cool is that. Massive massive congratulation to all the couples who married this week. It's been an absolute pleasure and joy to have played a part in your special day.

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