You said yes, Happy Valentines Day.

It's that time of year again when people from all over the world are planning "The Proposal". For some it's a nerve wrecker. Will they say yes will they say no. Will I loose the ring. So much to think about.

Here are a few tips I've collected together to try and ease the pain. A little guide to make it perfect and romantic but most importantly , make it enjoyable. There is no right or wrong way. These are just a few ideas.

Engagement shoot from David Stubbs Photography

1. Location. It's the big one. It could be the place you had your first date. The place you originally met. The place where "They said it first".

2. Use music. I recently met with a couple where music was used for the proposal. No need for a big pa and generators so don't panic. A simple Bluetooth speaker was set in a wooded area and the lucky lady could hear their song as they approached. As she turned her hubby to be was down on one knee. Perfect.

David Stubbs Photography

3. Be thoughtful to your partner. Should you do it in a private or public place. It really could make all the difference. No one knows your partner better than you.

4. The element of surprise. Try your best to keep it a secret. Encourage family and friends to help with the proposal.

5. Be sure to share your news with you friends and family across all social networks. The responses can be most heartwarming.

6. Sooner rather than later. It might be an idea to propose early in the evening or day. This way you are not in a panic and you can then both enjoy and celebrate together for the rest of the day.

7. Be old school. Ask permission first from a parent and even video that moment to show your partner.

David Stubbs Photography.

I hope this gives you a little heads-up. The most important thing is to enjoy the whole experience. It's always going to be a great topic of conversation. Make it a cracker.

Massive thanks to David Stubbs for the images.