Groom with a view.

When it comes to your wedding day I think its important that the groom has his time to shine. Yes the wedding dress is very important but let's make sure the grooms personality can shine a little too. When it comes to tailoring there are so many options , combinations to choose from. From personalised lining of the jacket , cuff-links , belt buckles etc. Suits can be tailored to your every need and with a good quality tailor your suit will last for many many years. Take Whitfield & Ward. Based in the heart of Cheshire Whitfield & Ward understand not only how very special your wedding day is, but also how very stressful the preparations for it can be, they will stop at nothing to help you get the look, the quality and the service you’d ideally like to find.

I recently had the pleasure of using these guys for a suit fitting and can honestly say the experience was incredible. From the moment you enter you feel very well looked after. The selection of options is mind blowing and the exceptional attention to detail is just perfect. Every detail is thought of and should be thought of.

In the hustle and bustle of a wedding, couples sometimes forget it is as important for the groom to be impeccably dressed and looking his best as it is for the bride to be beautifully attired.

Every groom needs to look gorgeous, comfortable and stylish when it comes to choosing the right attire for his wedding. But, most of all needs to look and feel like himself and not transform into someone else. And the best choice in order to buy a stylish, unique, quality and custom made suit is to go bespoke.

A bespoke suit would have a better fit than a ready-to-wear suit. The fabrics, the fit, the style is in total control of the buyer and the tailor. A bespoke suit is unique and made for only one person, owns your personal characteristics and suits you perfectly. A bespoke suit could even match with the bride’s styling.

Its worth thinking about !