Networking is something very close to my heart, Im a big believer in it. As a wedding dj I don't really get to meet many fellow wedding suppliers , by the time I arrive most suppliers have done their thing and left.

Imagine on a Friday when your workmates say " Fancy a pint " . . . Its much the same really only we don't get to do it as much.

I was lucky enough to attend a networking event in Manchester aimed at wedding suppliers. It was perfect.

A room filled with singers , florists , make-up artists . . . . . I could go on. It was really great to see so many suppliers in one space. And the best thing is some of these people had never met but instantly became great friends.

So good to meet so many new people and also a chance to put a face to so many names. A even bigger pleasure to see the amazing Ellie Sax performing along with Laser Boy Wonder.

The night also had a few other surprises including a mindreader Chris Hurst. And LEGENDARY DJ Dave Jones.

Networking really is a very important part of growing a business. Its good for the mind body and soul. If you ever get the opportunity to attend a networking event then do it, whatever your profession.

So. The next time you attend a wedding and a supplier says " We must grab a pint sometime " . . . grab it .