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The Wedding Host

manchester wedding dj at the art gallery
The perfect day

What a day. I recently hosted the entire wedding for Kamal & Stephen in the Manchester art gallery. The attention to detail was striking and the day itself was most perfect. From time to time I try to film my weddings and share with the couple some of the details that they may miss. Its a busy day for every couple and it can be hard to take it all in. Im happy to host wedding as this gives me the perfect opportunity to get to know the guest and build a rapport with them. I supplied the ceremony music, the soundtrack for the drinks reception and then I introduced the speeches. All went extremely well and we partied well into the early hours. A pleasure to work with Red Floral Architecture on this one and Suzanne Thorpe from The Frostery. Planning a city wedding is an exhilarating journey that intertwines urban sophistication with matrimonial charm. The bustling energy of the city becomes the backdrop for a celebration that encapsulates modern romance. From selecting a chic downtown venue with breathtaking skyline views to curating a menu that mirrors the diverse culinary palette of the metropolis, every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of urban nuptials. The cityscape itself becomes a part of the decor, with twinkling city lights and iconic landmarks creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Navigating the logistics of transportation, ensuring guests can easily access the venue, and incorporating the city's unique elements into the theme contribute to a wedding day that mirrors the couple's vibrant love story against the dynamic backdrop of the urban jungle.

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